Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"Dirty Linen Night" No More?

According to an article here, a beloved New Orleans tradition - Dirty Linen Night - has been usurped by the "Vieux Carre' Soiree". Currently, it is being reported that the founder of Dirty Linen Night owns the trademark "Dirty Linen Night". This year's producer of the event, Fleur de Lis Consulting, along with Glazer's Companies of Louisiana and the Young Professionals Society, decided to change the name. The Dirty Linen Night event, held annually one week after its White Linen Night counterpart on Julia Street, (this year on August 1,) has not been reached for comment.

The Vieux Carre Soiree is asking for interested attendees to visit their Facebook fan page:

More information as it becomes available.


  1. Dirty Linen Night, is indeed, going to take place on the second Saturday of August- the 8th from 6-9pm. as we have for the past 8 years. this is in spite of the attempted hijacking by the "Vieux Carre' Soiree", which according to their press release involves dressing up like "fun-loving pirates frolicking in costume down Royal Street". and they are charging $5. for wristbands to participate. they even have a clever theme " Aargh-for the Arts"
    Our event is free to the public, and is a great party for the arts. sorry, no pirates.
    Robert Guthrie- artist/gallery owner

  2. Despite attempts to usurp Dirty Linen Night with a paid event, Vieux Carre Soiree is failing.

    Read all about it, here:

  3. Update: