Thursday, July 9, 2009

Steve Martin Concept Studio Gallery

Steve Martin Studio Concept Gallery
The mission of Steve Martin Concept Gallery is to provide an approachable exhibition space in the New Orleans area for experimental and often under-represented art projects dismissed by traditional galleries and museums. A pioneer in the local visual arts scene, Steve Martin Studio fills a void, left by established museums and commercial art galleries, and allows opportunities for emerging artists and alternative art forms to be exhibited publicly.

Steve Martin Studio Concept Gallery plans an exhibition schedule of at least 6 shows per year. The gallery seeks diversity in its programming and embraces submissions that utilize materials and concepts both inside and outside the bounds of traditional art. Submissions are reviewed by a committee, and are generally submitted at least four months in advance. Artists from around the world may apply for exhibition.

For at least two shows per season, Steve Martin Studio Concept Gallery seeks to unite local artist with national or international artist through either a juried competition or guest curated shows. An integral component in the objectives of the gallery, this program is threefold in purpose. First, it serves to attract national or international artists to New Orleans, and to expose the community to experimental art projects from a diversity of cultural backgrounds. Second, the program intensifies the experience of the national or international artists: as they show alongside local artists, these artists experience the community on a local level. This provides the artists expanded access to local resources and allows the artist to build a relationship with the community. Finally, the program furthers the experience of the local artist. In showing with an artist of similar interests or background from outside New Orleans, the local artist develops a knowledge and relationship with artists of other art communities, thereby gaining access to art communities outside New Orleans.

A converted row-house, located in one of the Thirteen Sisters on Julia Street in the Heart of the New Orleans Art District, Steve Martin Studio Concept Gallery offers several rooms of exhibition. The exhibition venue is approximately 290 square feet, the interior is comprised of white walls standing twelve feet tall, with bright, even lighting, typical historic architectural elements and details, whitewashed cypress flooring and large historic styled windows and doors.

Beyond the physical presentation space, the Steve Martin Fine Art website will be a vital accompaniment to the exhibitions and creates an additional exhibition space preserving and presenting with increased public accessibility the accomplishments of the gallery and its exhibitions. The website is constantly expanding, and submissions are welcomed continually.

Steve Martin Studio Concept Gallery eeks to promote the practices of contemporary artists from the local, national and international scenes. The multidisciplinary program will comprise exhibitions, lectures and meetings with artists, in addition to art publication activity and the production of thematic projects and new artworks. Its aims are to present a calendar of activities that facilitate critical discussion and reflection within the community.

A selection committee will choose from projects submitted by artists or curators, while other projects will be generated by invitation. Each project is given the support required for its achievement. Steve Martin Studio Concept Gallery offers a broad platform for ideas. By taking on curators, sponsors, and contributors from other horizons Steve Martin Studio Concept Gallery allows a greater number of artists, collectors, and the viewing public access to enjoy the benefits of its resources thereby extending debates on contemporary art to a wider audience. In proposing new ways of exhibiting artwork, Steve Martin Studio Concept Gallery questions various means and attitudes towards art dissemination. Thematic projects initiated and produced by the staff stimulate exploratory artistic creation and facilitate the development of critical thinking through lectures and publicity they receive. Our goal in creating such activities is to serve as a focal point where the broader public, artists, curators, collectors and researchers visiting and from the New Orleans area and elsewhere can experience dynamic encounters and discussions around contemporary art.

Steve Martin Studio
Concept Space
624 Julia St.
New Orleans, LA 70130
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