Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Upcoming Louisiana Artworks Lectures/Events/Workshops

Upcoming schedule and information found on the left-hand side here. Some fees do apply.

April 2: Workshop: Multi-layered Block Prints
Francis Pavy will review his block printing techniques utilizing prints made from linoleum, wood blocks and found objects on a variety of paper and cloth. Students will design, carve and print a small linoleum cut. This workshop will emphasize low-tech methods. Students should come to class with small line drawings they would like to transfer to the block printing process. All other materials are provided.

April 5: Art Sessions: Social Activism in the Arts

April 11: Workshop: Basic Bookbinding

Learn some basic bookbinding skills. We will make a small journal using the basic pamphlet stitch; a sketchbook consisting of several signatures together and a dust jacket; an accordion-fold book with hard-backed cloth covers, and will take a look at basic stab binding as well. All materials are provided.

April 18: Workshop: Unbound Book Containers

We will make a portfolio for enclosing flat works on paper; an envelope using found papers, old prints or drawings; boxes out of thin board and various templates; and a tiny matchbox book. Come with ideas for drawings and/or a short selection of text or for your matchbox book. All materials will be provided.

April 25: Workship: Bookarts: Books and Narrative
Books offer a unique use of time and space over other mediums. Time is frozen on the page, but advances with the turning of the page. The reader can be led forward or backward through careful design. In this class, students will work on the planning and execution of two books using two different methods of binding: pamphlet and stab bindings. One project will be a study in building narrative over the course of pages, examining pacing and the use of the page turn. The second will employ an exquisite corpse-style collaborative narrative. Small editions of each book will be created using photocopies that will then be exchanged among all the students; students will be responsible for the creation and photocopying of pages between sessions.

April 28: Art Sessions: April Panel, A Series of Discussions on Visual Contemporary Art

May 2: Workship: Bookarts: Books and Narrative

May 10: Workshop: Patterning and Printmaking

May 24: Workshop: Patterning and Printmaking

May 29: Art Venture 2009

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