Tuesday, September 1, 2009


From Galerie Gigi:


WHO: Group exhibition featuring 7 local artists
WHAT: "The Magnificent 7" art exhibition
WHEN: September 5th - October 1st, Opening Reception Sept. 5th at 6PM
WHERE: Galerie Gigi, 627 St. Peter (In the Quarter between Royal and Chartres)

We are thrilled to announce the unveiling of “The Magnificent 7” at
Galerie Gigi. The much anticipated group show, curated by Terrence
Sanders, features work by artists Blaine Capone, Colin Meneghini,
Anthony Carriere, Tony Nozero, Bruce Davenport, Steve Soltis, and Chad

The Magnificent 7 is an important exhibition featuring our top seven
local rising stars of the contemporary art world. This show features a
group of artists with styles and backgrounds as diverse, unique, and
eccentric as the populous of this city.

The 9th ward, homegrown, self-taught talent, Bruce Davenport is best
known for his ink drawings portraying the marching bands from his
youth. Detroit native and proud New Orleans transplant, Tony Nozero
has switched gears from professional musician to visual artist,
creating an astonishingly deep and prolific body of work in his last
few years in the city. Anthony Carriere, who's upbringing was seeped
in Southwest Louisiana's Cajun french culture, made his own toys from
found and created objects as a child; this sense of playfulness
coupled with a compulsive need to discover and create informs his
current collage work. This list goes on and on.

"The Magnificent 7 features New Orleans Artists who articulate
figurative relations in their work", explains curator Terrence
Sanders. "New Orleans has a strong tradition of draftsman who are
rooted in the practice of drawing and painting. These young draftsman
featured in this exhibition are the not so distant cousins of Dali,
Van Gogh, Basquiat, and even Alex Katz." While the figure is a
powerful tool for the artists, each piece articulates its message
through a diverse range of techniques and processes, from
impressionistic brush strokes, to collage work reminiscent of the
surrealists, to the direct and concise message of graffiti art. "New
Orleans is fast growing into a Contemporary Art hub" explains Sanders,
"but will never in my opinion lose it's influence on new painters that
explore the representational aspects of the human figure."

Join us on September 5th, 6 pm at Galerie Gigi for an opening
reception with the artists. The exhibition runs at Galerie Gigi from
Sept.5th to Oct. 1st, Thursday through Sat 11am to 5pm. For more
information visit www.galeriegigineworleans.com or contact Galerie
Gigi director, Lindsay Viner at (713) 385-7890 or

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