Monday, June 8, 2009

Exhibit at Galerie Gigi with Jose Maria Cundin

José María Cundin

“The Unanimous Declaration of Independence of the United States of America”

June 6th through July 11th 2009

Galerie Gigi
627 St. Peter Street
New Orleans, LA 70116
(504) 525 5299

An exhibit at Galerie Gigi features an original engraving by hand of
The Declaration of Independence of the United States of America
together with a photographic report of the endeavor. The well known
artist, Jose Maria Cundin, created and directed this much acclaimed
facsimile. A limited number of prints together with its corresponding
signed and dated Certificate of Authenticity by the author, are
available to the public.

This work of art reproduces the character and calligraphy of a
document that shook the world in 1776 and continues even today to
offer inspiration to freedom-loving people everywhere.

Millennia, founded by Jose-Maria Cundin, is an international fine arts
press dedicated to the publication of documents that have served as
the cornerstones of liberty over the last thousand years.

The paper used for this impression was formulated and handmade
exclusively for this edition by the Basque papermaker Villabona,
employing age-old traditional techniques. The engravings were pulled
by Taller Mayor of Madrid, using a brass plate hand chiseled by Perico
Aspiazu of Elgoibar in the Basque Country.

In repeating in exacting detail the courageous and hopeful calligraphy
of this great manifesto, in carving the lines, the arcs and the
flourished of these noble words and signatures, we hope that our
artistry as honored both the United States and the principles upon
which this great country was founded.

On the historical release of the Millennia Edition in 1992 King Don
Juan Carlos I of Spain presented print number 0 to Present George H.
W. Bush. The following year Thomas Foley, Speaker of the House,
received print number 1 to be permanently displayed in Congress. Other
prints can be found at The Princeton Library, Johnson & Wales
University, The Naval Museum of Madrid, The Texaco Collection, the
Marine Corps University, Quantico, Virginia, The National Headquarters
of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Washington, DC, Spain ’92
Foundation, Washington, DC, University of Virginia, Charlottesville,
VI, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VI, among other institutions and
numerous private collections.

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